What will happen when I come for my appointment?

When you arrive at D.R.S Medispa please press '3' on the intercom keypad to alert us of your arrival. We will then open the door for you and ask you to take a seat in the comfortable and relaxing waiting area where the sonographer will come to greet you and escort you to our private scan room. You will be asked to read and sign a consent form and be given the opportunity to discuss the scan and ask any questions. We will then take payment for your scan (we accept cash and all major credit cards). Then it's time to lie back and watch your baby on our large screen! 

Is ultrasound scanning safe?
Provided the ultrasound service on offer is being operated to the required guidelines, there are no contraindications for first line ultrasound scans. Since ultrasound is not an ionising radiation such as x-ray, there are also no known hazardous effects associated with multiple first line scans, again provided the service is operated to recommended guidelines. The safety of diagnostic ultrasound continues to be researched and monitored by the relevant professional bodies.

When and how do I get my results from my private ultrasound scan?
In nearly all cases your scan results will be given to you at the end of your scan appointment in a clear written format with supporting images.