Printing images of your baby is the last and final step of your visit.   The mere act of taking a picture is simply preserving a moment in time.  At scan my baby we work to preserve that moment for as long as possible.

There is a huge difference to be able to hold an image in your hand rather than look at it on a screen.  Printing an image is the perfect way to preserve the memory of seeing your baby.  At scan my baby we have a photo lab that uses canon ink and photo papers.  Using this latest technology the expectation is that your printed image will last a lifetime.  Compare this to normal ultrasound thermal glossy prints that can degrade after a couple of years or be ruined by heat or sunlight.  We believe it's well worth taking the time to print an image this way as in years to come it may not be possible to access your images if you only have them in a digital format.

It is such a rewarding experience.  In years to come the images can be compared to your child’s new born photographs and even brought out later in life on special occasions such as your child’s wedding day evoking memories of how their life began.

We can print ultrasound images from other ultrasound machines however the advantage of having them done at scan my baby is that we use a special computer programme that allows us to take the images directly from the ultrasound scanner in the medical DICOM format rather than jpeg which allows us to print in the highest quality possible.  Our inkjet printer uses 3 monochrome inks and a chromer optimiser that enhances the blacks in the photograph giving a great clarity, richness and depth to your image.  We pay attention to the minor details as we have the passion and effort to ensure you get the image you want.

Our aim is to give you that one special image that you can treasure for the rest of your life. Our advice is not to print all your images, you will be given the opportunity to select your favourite and we will take care of the rest.  You can even decide when you get home if you prefer.

There are a variety of frames/sizes available.  A small framed print makes a great gift for a granny to be.  Take a look when you come for your appointment. If you want something more bespoke please ask.